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Peace Talks to Resume ‘Without Preconditions’

ICC Note:

With the peace panel finally assembled, Ambassador Rafael Seguis, the new head of the government panel, has announced that the stalled peace negotiations in the Philippines between the government and the MILF are ready to proceed “without preconditions.”


1/6/09 Philippines (GMA) Ambassador Rafael Seguis, the newly-appointed head of the government peace panel, said the Arroyo administration is ready to resume the stalled peace negotiations with the MILF ”without preconditions.”
Seguis said the composition of the peace panel has been completed.
Agrarian Reform Secretary Nasser Pangandaman will represent the Moro people in the panel, General Santos Mayor Adelbert Antonino will represent the local government and the Christian community, and Rep. Ronald Adamat from Maguindanao to represent the lumads.

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