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Christian Mom Faces Choice of Children’s Starvation or Her Conversion To Islam

ICC Note

Egyptian authorities sexually assaulted Martha Samuel, a mother who converted from Islam to Christianity, and are starving her children. The authorities are doing these things to compel her to reconvert to Islam. Please pray for Martha and her children.

01/02/2008 Egypt (SermonNews) – To eat or to continue embracing Christianity? — That is the question facing Martha Samuel, formerly known as Zainab Said, who converted from Islam to Christianity five years ago. Egyptian authorities are starving Martha’s two children, Kirillos age 4 and Emmanuel age 2 to compel her to release Christianity and return to Islam, according to reports from several ministry organizations.

Martha with her two children and husband, Fadl Thabet, were trying to exit Egypt and enter Russia on December 13, 2008, to flee religious persecution caused by her conversion when authorities arrested them at Cairo airport, according to The Assyrian International News Agency. Martha is charged with forging her passport to flee Egypt .

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