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Egyptian Officially Goes Back to Christianity after 31 Years of Islam

ICC Note

Egyptian officials recognized the Christian identity of a man who had been a Muslim.

By Hoda el-Saati

12/22/2008 Egypt (U.S Coptic Association)-Alexandria Administrative Court acknowledged on Saturday the right of a man called Fathi Labib Yousef to have his original yet new religion – Christianity – written down on all his official papers after he spent the past 31 years as a Muslim.

He said he had converted to Islam on March 12, 1974 and had been given a new ID card with his new religion. He then re-embraced Christianity on May 18, 2005 after the Orthodox clerical council had given its official go-ahead in the same year. He also said the Alexandria Security director had ratified the certificate proving Fathi’s return to his original religion.

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