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Allow Bible in Bahasa Malaysia

ICC Note:

The Christian Federation in Malaysia has announced its “Christmas wish” : to have the Government lift its restriction on Bibles written in Bahasa Malaysia.


12/25/08 Malaysia (TheStar) The Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM) has called on the Government to re-look its restriction on Bibles written in Bahasa Malaysia.

CFM vice-chairman Rev Dr Eu Hong Seng said considering that Bahasa Malaysia is the national language, it was perplexing that the Bible in Bahasa Malaysia was classified under Section 22 of the Internal Security Act as a document “prejudicial to the national interest and security of the Federation.”

“Though special exemption was made for this Bible to be used by Christians in churches, in this modern day and age when almost anything can be accessed on the Internet, it is regrettable that our Holy Scriptures are still seen as ‘prejudicial to the security’ of the country,” Dr Eu said.

“This is our wish for Christmas and we know these things will certainly ease tensions and it will definitely have a positive impact on your legacy,” Dr Eu said.

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