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Christians and Muslims: triumph on extremism through education and religious freedom

ICC Note: It is encouraging to hear that Christians and Muslims are working together to combat anti-Christian violence.

by Qaiser Felix
12/20/08 Rawalpindi, Pakistan (AsiaNews) – The population of Pakistan must confront religious extremism without simply waiting for government intervention. Revision of school textbooks, which foster hatred and disdain; concern over the spread of Islamic schools; education of the young generations: these are some of the steps that Christian and Muslim leaders are suggesting to stop Islamic extremism, which is suffocating the life of the population and pushing Muslims away from their faith.

This judgment was expressed in the course of a seminar organized in Rawalpindi on December 16 by the Christian Study Center, on the theme: “Religious Extremism and Fundamental Steps to Reduce its Effects.”

Muslim lawyer Muhammad Aslam Khaki (in the photo), known in Pakistan for his battles against fundamentalism, lists the many negative effects of extremism: from the widespread fear of being found together in public places, to the difficulties citizens have in obtaining visas, to the repercussions of the lack of security of the economy… [Go To Full Story]