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Christian Wedding Raided in Sichuan – Bride, Groom and Guests Arrested

ICC Note:

Police in China raided a wedding Wednesday (December 17), arresting the bride, groom, and all their guests. They were accused of “illegal sharing of religion” because of a banner that read: “God Loves the World.” Fortunately, an international phone call campaign organized by China Aid was successful in having all of the Christians released.


12/18/08 China (ChinaAid) At around 10 a.m. on December 17, 2008 a group of about 30 house church Christians were arrested while celebrating a wedding for a Christian couple at Gaoxue town, Dazhu county, Sichuan province. After ChinaAid mobilized a phone call campaign, all of the Christians were released.

The incident began when the Christians were singing, dancing and worshipping at the wedding. Suddenly, about 30-50 Public Security Bureau (PSB) officers surrounded the wedding guests and arrested everyone, including the bride, Ying Zhongying and the groom, Wang San. The Christians were accused of engaging in “illegal religious activities.”

The primary accusation against the Christians was that while they were singing worship songs on the street, they held up a banner which read: “God Loves the World.” The PSB officers accused them of “illegal sharing of religion.”

When the incident was reported, ChinaAid immediately mobilized an international phone call campaign. One ChinaAid staff member reported, “I called the PSB office. They were very busy interrogating the Christians. When the man who answered heard I was calling from the U.S., he hung up quickly.” After the international attention, all of the Christians were released.

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