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Anti-Christian pogrom worse than Mumbai attack
In an open letter to India’s leaders, a citizen’s group says little has been done to prevent further attacks on Christians and other minorities. More Hindu violence is feared.

ICC Note: This article presents an excellent comparison to the Mumbai attacks and the anti-Christian violence in Orissa, clearly showing the disparity in the Indian government’s response.

by Spero News
12/16/08 India ( – The Catholic Secular Forum (CSF) in an open letter to the Prime Minister, Union Home Minister and other political leaders said they would sound insincere, merely rendered lip-service to Christians by wishing them on Christmas this year, as is traditionally done. This is since not much has been done about the plight of the community in 2008.

According to the Mumbai-based community NGO, there has been no let up in the attacks on Christians and the potential danger of attacks increasing during Christmas is even more. The CSF has information of Christmas advent religious services being targeted in Orissa and Karnataka, besides SOSs being sent out from other states like Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, etc. of Christians being attacked during Christmas religious services.

According to Joseph Dias, the CSF general secretary, the attacks on Christians through out at least 8 states clearly spells more, if not equal disaster for secularism and the unity of India, than the Mumbai terror attacks.

For instance –

A) While the Mumbai terror attacks lasted a couple of days and were undertaken by foreign elements, in case of the anti-Christian attacks, they have been on for over a year and are conducted by those who claim to be Indians.

B) In case of the Orissa or Karnataka anti-Christian violence, the brutality and cost in terms of human dignity of the victims is more severe, even if the number of those officially killed, injured, raped or molested is the same.

C) In a matter of hours, the central government moved in to dispatch NSG, RAF, Navy, Army, Black Cats, etc. and the state government sent out its best ATS or police personnel to protect lives. Indian Christian received no such treatment & it’s been a year thereafter that the lives of Christians are still in danger.

D) Immediately after the terror attacks, compensation worth crores of rupees was given by the government and through the trusts that were opened by the media & business houses, like Tatas. Nothing of this kind has happened and even the meager amount promised to victims of anti-Christian violence has has not reached them. The CSF and other agencies are not allowed to take even emergency supplies to the victims, while the government lets conditions deteriorate.

E) Indian Christian life is cheaper than that of foreigners or that of the rich & famous. Hence, while on one hand the FBI, Mossad, Scotland Yard and investigative teams from Israel and the European Union were welcomed – In case of the Karnataka or Orissa, even a CBI probe was denied. The UPA government would not move, citing specious grounds like its otherwise rival; the BJP was in charge of the Home portfolio, while hundreds of Indian Christians were targeted.

F) The result of the government effort – 9 terrorist killed and 1 terrorist captured. The government pressurizes foreign governments to stop aid / impose sanctions / ban organizations responsible. Media attention – Terror news still make the headlines. Nothing of this kind in case of Indian Christians in Orissa – Over 50,000 people have been displaced, over 4000 homes destroyed and over 100 Christians killed. About 300 villages have been affected in 14 districts and hundreds of churches and institutions have been destroyed. No live coverage of anti-Christian violence and news relegated by the media to a few paragraphs and nothing in the electronic media… [Go To Full Story]