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Intimidation and Threatening of Iranian Christians by the Information Ministry at the Nearness of Christmas

ICC Note

Iranian officials are stepping up persecution of Christians during this Christmas season.

12/06/2008 Iran (FCNN)-Fcnn-(Farsi Christian news network) reports that by the nearness of Christmas and new year celebrations, like previous years, intimidation and threatening of Iranian Christians and specially new Christian believers, has began by the Information Minister ( Islamic secret police) in many different parts of the country.

In the last few days the intelligence officers and agents has summoned many Christian believers in Tabriz, Shiraz, Sanandaj, to their places and with violence forcing them for a written guarantee for not celebrating the Christmas gatherings and worships.

Fcnn-(Farsi Christian news network) also reports that in Tabriz and Shiraz provinces some heads of the Nedjat house churches had been summoned to the Information Minister and they have been accused to Spying for the foreigners and also with severe violence forcing them for not having any sort of contact with The other heads of Iranian Churches inside and outside of the country.

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