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Troops quell violence in Indonesia

ICC Note:

Hundreds of Indonesian troops reported to respond to the mob violence that left two churches and 50 other buildings in flame. Six people were injured in the attack sparked by a Christian teacher’s comment about his faith that an offended student reported to his parents.


12/10/08 Indonesia (IHT) Hundreds of troops were deployed to a tense Indonesian province in the Maluku islands after sectarian violence left two churches and 50 other buildings in flames, police said Wednesday. At least six people were injured.

The region was the scene of fierce clashes between Muslims and Christians in 1999-2001 that left 9,000 dead and hundreds of thousands homeless. Authorities — fearful of a repeat — were quick to restore order this week.

He complained to his parents, and within hours mobs were throwing stones at each other and torching churches, houses and other buildings, Waluyo said, adding that more than 400 police and soldiers were sent to the scene.

The streets were quiet Wednesday, with many fearful residents staying indoors.

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