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British couple arrested in Gambia have still not made bail: police

ICC Note

The British missionary couple has not yet been able to post bail set for their release. The couple was actively involved in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ among Gambians.

12/08/2008 Gambia (AFP)-A British missionary couple arrested in Gambia last month on charges of sedition have still not been able to post bail, police said Monday.

Gambian authorities have set the bail at 5 million dalasis (143,791 euros, 186,081 dollars) for David and Fiona Fulton, aged 60 and 46, following their plea of not guilty to charges of sedition, or undermining the government.

A local journalist who saw the couple as they reported to police headquarters said they looked frail. Fiona Fulton was holding her two-year-old adopted daughter Elizabeth.

The couple have ties to the Westhoughton Pentecostal Church in Bolton, near Manchester in northwest England .

According to the church’s website, Fulton is chaplain for the Gambian army and has a ministry on the river, which involves reaching villages only accessible by boat. His wife looks after terminally ill people.

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