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Mob burns Moluccas church in Indonesia

ICC Note:

After a Christian teacher allegedly “stained Islam,” an angry mob set fire to a church and a number of houses in Indonesia’s Moluccas islands. Two people were injured, and police have detained the teacher.


12/9/08 Indonesia (Reuters) An angry mob burned a church and several houses in the central region of Indonesia’s Moluccas islands, injuring two people, after a local Christian teacher offended Islam, police said on Tuesday.

The Moluccas, in the eastern part of predominantly Muslim Indonesia, has a substantial Christian population.

A police spokesman said the conflict erupted on Tuesday after the teacher at a school in Letwaru village, a predominantly Muslim area, allegedly ‘stained Islam’. He did not give details.

‘People burned houses, a church, and blockaded a road and hit two people at a market this morning,’ said Johanis Huwae, Maluku provincial police spokesman, adding that the police have detained the teacher.

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