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Hmong Church is Growing, Despite Hardships

ICC Note:

Vision Beyond Borders claims that the Hmong church is growing in Vietnam despite the government’s relentless pressure to force believers to recant their faith and re-establish ancestral religious practices. One man who spent over seven years in prison now oversees 500 churches.


11/28/08 Vietnam (MissionNetworkNews) In violation of Vietnam’s new religion policy, authorities in Vietnam’s far north are pressuring new Christians among the Hmong minority to recant their faith and to re-establish ancestral altars, according to area church leaders.

Compass Direct reports that when the authorities in the region discovered villagers had converted to Christianity, they sent “work teams” in to apply pressure, saying the government considered becoming a Christian a very serious offense.

He says many of the Hmong are fleeing. “They’re going into Laos. A lot of have gone into Cambodia.”

Klein says there are atrocities being reported. “They have bounty hunters that go looking for these people. I think it’s $44 a head they get for everyone they catch. And, what they’re doing is cutting the Achilles tendon on the men and doing horrible things to the women, and then tying them up and throwing them into the river to drown.”

Despite the persecution, the church is growing.

The needs of these churches are great, according to a pastor Vision Beyond Borders works with. “The man we work with has actually spent seven years and three months in prison. Now, he oversees 500 churches.

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