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Radical Islam And The Threat To Arab Christians

ICC Note

Christians who live in Muslim majority countries such as Lebanon , Egypt and Iraq are going through sever persecution. Hatred of Christians and other non-Muslims is openly preached and encouraged in many of those countries.

By Joseph Puder

12/04/2008 Islam ( murderous attack by Muslim jihadist terrorists in Mumbai , India – a majority Hindu nation, against “infidel” Jews, Christians, and Hindus, serves as a reminder of Islamic intolerance towards non-Muslims in Islamic majority countries. Of particular severity is the persecution of Christians in the Arab/Muslim Middle East.

The events in Mumbai brought home to Joseph Hakim, Vice President of the International Christian Union (ICU), the suffering of Christians in Lebanon and Egypt in particular. This reporter asked Mr. Hakim the following questions before the Mumbai terrorist attack on Nov. 26.

Joseph Puder: Dr. Dawoud, President of the ICU once pointed out to me that his commanding officer in the Egyptian army said to him: “First we will deal with the Saturday people, then with you – the Sunday people.” Do you find that attitude prevalent throughout the Arab world?

Joseph Hakim:

Lebanon was 80 percent Christian, today it is down to 30 percent, as a result of Arab Islamic countries secret agenda conceived during the Lahore Convention in the 1960s, to arm the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) with the intent to destroy the Christian community. Still, Lebanon is the only country in the region where the constitution mandates a Christian President. The Taif Agreement engineered by the Saudis in the 1990s, transferred power from the Christian president to the Sunni-Muslim mandated prime minister.

JP: How do you see the future of Christians in the Arab world, especially in Egypt , Lebanon , Iraq , and the Palestinian Authority territories?

JH: Christian minorities in the Middle East are in a critical state, and unless the West can provide security and a strong financial base for Christians, it is doubtful that the Christian communities in Egypt , Lebanon , Syria , Iraq , Sudan , and the Palestinian Territories will survive. If action is not taken immediately, I don’t see how the Christians will survive in the next 50 years.

JP: Please describe ways in which Christians are discriminated and persecuted in the Arab Middle East ?

JH: Christian neighborhoods are constantly being terrorized. The Arab governments are deliberately discriminating against Christians by barring them from employment in the government bureaucracy. These Muslim governments are focused on destroying solid Christian businesses and businessmen, one at a time. Muslim corporations in Lebanon for example, receive unlimited funds to buy land in Christian neighborhoods. They are also granted most of the major government contracts.

JP: Can Islam become more “moderate” in the foreseeable future?

JH: It is impossible for Islam to become moderate as long as Muslims believe in the Quran. This holy book promotes terrorism, war, martyrs, murder, torture, thievery, slavery, and intolerance. There is no freedom of choice in Islam, and Muslims are ordered to kill infidels. One can imagine how much easier a target are Christians in majority Muslim countries.

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