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Large Number of Christians Arrested in Henan and Shandong

ICC Note:

More than 50 house church members were arrested Wednesday (December 3) as they gathered in a home. A day before, officials raided another house church and detained more than 20 leaders.


12/4/08 China (ChinaAid) …On December 3, Tai Kang county, Henan province, more than 50 house church Christians gathered in the home. The local police suddenly broke into the home and arrested all of them. So far, none have been released.

On December 2, more than 50 house church Christians gathered for fellowship in Xiji town, Zaozhuang city, Shandong province. They were surrounded by Public Security Bureau (PSB) officers. More than 20 Christian leaders were arrested. PSB officers claimed that as long as 2,500 yuan per person was paid, the Christians could be released immediately.

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