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Islamic Extremist Turns Christian

11/26/08 Islam (ANS) — An Islamic extremist who grew hating everything about Christianity has now written a book about his conversion.

According to a news release, Abdullahi A considered himself an absolute fanatic. He believed everything he was taught about Jihad (Islamic holy war), and had a deep seated hatred for everything that opposed his beliefs. But all that changed when he met Christ while in his room alone, after having previously dismissed His existence during a debate with a Christian friend.

Speaking of his conversion, Abdullahi said in the news release, “I lack the words to express what I felt like, because I never thought in my wildest imagination that I would one day accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior because I was an Islamic extremist. In fact, I was a fanatic right from a very young age. I believed in Jihad against non-Muslims; what is now known as modern day terrorism. But thanks to Jesus for His saving grace.”

Abdullahi said he used to believe that the greatest enemy of Islam was Christianity.

He added, “Have you ever seen a Muslim and Buddhist quarreling? No, because they are not threats to Islam, but Christianity poses a big threat to Islam and a Muslim fanatic will stop at nothing to eliminate all who believe in Jesus Christ. This is why I believe the focus of the Al Qaeda network is the United Kingdom and America , because to them Christianity originated from these countries.”

His new book “From Islam to Christianity” is a useful tool to help Christians engage with other faiths so they can explain their beliefs in a non-condescending fashion.

Abdullahi said in the news release he believes that Christians are all called to preach the gospel, and as such hopes this book will enable Christians to fulfil the Great Commission.

He said in the release, “I wrote this book to inspire many who are hiding under the umbrella of fear to come out of their comfort zone to follow Jesus Christ, because He is the way the truth and the life. There are many Muslims who need a little bit of motivation to proclaim Christ as their Lord and Savior. Secondly, this book is what the (church needs), especially at this time … ”

Abdullahi said he hopes the book will help change the thinking of Christians who think it’s only the task of missionaries and pastors to win souls for Christ. He said, “The Bible says in Hosea 4:6 ‘My people perish for lack of knowledge,’so I hope this book will give them the knowledge to be good and effective witnesses for Christ.”

According to the news release, Abdullahi whose name means “the servant of Allah,” wants to reach as many people as possible for God and continues to go by his Muslim name as a testament of what God can do. Although his conversion to Christianity resulted in him being disowned by his family, he believes that is a small price to pay for life in Christ.

He said in the news release, “When I became a Christian, honestly to my family, I was a disappointment. But today God has proven he is Jehovah Elshaddai (The God that is more than enough) by (saving) them one after another, and today I can confidently say (three quarters) of my immediate families are Christians. That in itself is a testimony.”

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