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The mother of the two Christian sisters murdered in Mosul , dies

ICC Note

The mother and her two daughters were attacked on November 12, 2008. Her two daughters were martyred as the result of the attack. Iraqi Christians have been enduring unprecedented persecution following the 2003 invasion of the country.

11/20/2008 Iraq (AsiaNews)-The mother of two sisters killed in Mosul last week has died from injuries sustained during the attack on her family home. The funerals were celebrated yesterday.

November 12th last, a band of armed youths stormed the Siro-Catholic family’s home in the Alqahira quarter of the city killing the sisters Lamia and Walàa Sobhy Salloha. They then turned on the mother with a knife. The father and another son who escaped during the moment of the attack are safe. Initially the wounds sustained by the mother, Selma Giargis did not appear to be grave. But in the hospital in Mosul her condition worsened also because of a lack in basic medicine.

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