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SUDAN : Catholic Bishops Warn Peace Pact is Losing Drive

ICC Note

The Islamic government of Sudan killed and displaced millions of southern Sudanese, who are mainly Christians and animists. The killings came to an end in 2005 after the signing of comprehensive peace agreement. Unless the international community closely monitors and pressures the Sudanese government, the Islamist officials of the Sudanese government will continue killing the southern Sudanese.

11/18/2008 Sudan (CISA) -The Comprehensive Peace Agreement signed in 2005 to end the civil war in Sudan is losing momentum because of slow implementation, the Sudanese bishops have said.

The bishops’ warning is contained in a pastoral letter written at the end of their plenary assembly on Friday in Yambio. The letter, which analyses the political situation in the Sudan , calls for genuine elections, and emphasizes the need for a change of attitude in order to enact the principles of democracy and good governance, will be officially released on Sunday.

The President of the Sudan Catholic Bishops Conference, Bishop Rudolph Deng Majak, told Bakhita Radio in Yambio that the bishops are worried that the signatories to the CPA are not focused on the obligations of the peace agreement signed in Kenya on January 9, 2005.

“We are afraid the spirit and the letter of the CPA are losing momentum in both leaders – the principal signatories of the CPA, the National Congress and the Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Movement – plus their supporters and their friends who helped them to achieve such a historic document.”

Bishop Deng asked Christians and Muslims to refocus on the CPA and urged leaders to mobilize the faithful to walk together, reconciled and united to implement the peace agreement.

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