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Protestant Clergyman Sentenced to One Year of Forced Labor

ICC Note:

House church pastor Zhu Baoguo, arrested last month on charges of being an “evil cult” leader and given fifteen days of administrative detention, has now been sentenced to one year of re-education-through-labor.


11/19/08 China (AsiaNews) Zhu Baoguo, a pastor in a house church in Henan, was sentenced to a year of “re-education through labour” for being an “evil cult” leader.

The US-based China Aid Association (CAA) said that the clergyman was arrested on 12 October together with four other leaders of his community as they gathered in Dushu village, near the city of Nanyang.

Reverend Zhu received 15 days of administrative detention, while the other four leaders were sentenced to five days.

On 30 October, two days after he was released from administrative detention at the Neixiang County Detention Centre, Reverend Zhu was sentenced to one year of re-education-through- labour and sent to a camp.

The notion of “re-education through labour’ or láojiào entails forced labour and political re-education sessions designed to modify prisoners’ outlook towards the Chinese Communist Party and its religious policy.

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