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Thousands of Catholics Bring Solidarity to Thai Ha

ICC Note:

In an update on the attack against the Thai Ha parish protesting seized land in Hanoi, Vietnamese government officials have denied any involvement, though eye-witness accounts and even photographs taken by parishioners clearly indicate otherwise.


11/18/08 Vietnam (AsiaNews) Thousands of Catholics (in the photo) have gathered in prayer around the parish of Thai Ha, and prayers have been held in various parts of the diocese of Hanoi. This solidarity is the response of the faithful to the incomprehensible attack carried out on Saturday night in Thai Ha, when hundreds of party activists tried to destroy the chapel of St. Gerardo. Security forces were present, and a representative of the local people’s committee also took part. The attack was unable to achieve its objective because of the arrival of hundreds of Catholics, and who responded to the call for help issued by ringing the church bells.

“The spokesman’s denial,” adds Fr. Nguyen, “is disturbing to the people: now they think that the government is covering up retaliation by its officials against the Catholics of Thai Ha. The attack has created serious concern among Vietnamese all over the world, while the government demonstrates that it does not intend to carry out any investigation of the incident. It limits itself to denying its own involvement.”

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