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Letter From Iraqi Muslim Group Orders All Christians Out of the Country

ICC Note

An Islamic extremist group warned Iraqi Christians to leave their country for good. The letter is written by and Al-Qaeda-affiliated group in Iraq .

11/18/08 Iraq (AINA)-A Christian bishop received a threatening letter written by Ansar al-Islam, a Kurdish Muslim group affiliated with al-Qaeda in Iraq . The letter ordered the Christians to leave Iraq en masse and stated it is sending a final warning to Christians in Baghdad and other Iraqi governorates to leave Iraq permanently.

The letter was published on Al-Ittihad’s website, a daily newspaper that covers Iraqi politics.

Here is the translation of the letter:

The General Secretariat of the Adherent of Islam Brigade has decided to address the final warning to you and to all your adherents and flocks, the infidel Christian Crusaders, in Baghdad and the other governorates and order you to leave immediately, in masses and permanently from the Muslim countries (Iraq) and to join Pope Benedict the sixteenth and his followers who crossed over the greatest symbols of humanity and Islam.

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