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Orissa attacks are ‘religious genocide’, says ministry leader

ICC Note: The term “religious genocide” is exactly the right description of what has been going on against Christians in Orissa, India.

by Ethan Cole
11/5/08 India ( – The persistent and vicious attacks against Christians in India are “religious genocide”, says one Christian ministry leader fresh from a visit to the persecution hotspot of Orissa state.

“This has been a religious genocide according to the UN definition of genocide, where persistently and systematically it is planned and not stopped,” maintains Ramesh Landge, founder and director of Cooperative Outreach of India (COI), according to Mission Network News.

“It falls in that category of genocide, and we do agree with that.”

“This is the very first time in Indian history that such a long onslaught against Christians has taken place, and in a sustained way,” he observed. “In a way, the government was part of it. They never tried to stop it. They were just silent spectators.”… [Go To Full Story]