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Somalia ‘s Islamists Up Close and Personal

ICC Note

Islamic extremists are fighting for establishment of Islamic State in Somalia . The extremists have been killing Muslim converts to Christianity and burning down churches.

11/03/2008 Somalia (The Jerusalem Post)-After 18 years of violence and anarchy, Somalia is now entering deep and uncharted political waters, as Somalia’s warring sides make matters worse for millions of its people, who are facing severe humanitarian conditions.

Somali insurgents are intensifying efforts to seize towns from government troops, with Iraqi-style hit-and-run attacks against government backers.

Mogadishu is the hot bed for the insurgency by the Islamists, with civilians suffering the most casualties.

On Sunday Somalia ‘s Transitional Federal Government (TFG) and the Islamist groups agreed on an accord, which calls for a cease-fire to go into effect on November 5, and for Ethiopia ‘s withdrawal to begin on November 21.

But the cease-fire agreement seems to have had no impact on the ground, as the chaotic situation appears unchanged, while the Islamists appear to be expecting to regain full control of the country.

As these two Jihadist groups continue to step up their insurgency, other Islamist groups have appeared, such as Khalid Binwalid, Islamic Guerillas and the Raskamboni Brigades.

“We have one aim, that of fighting against the enemies of Allah and Islam,” Abu Man’sour said in a telephone interview with The Media Line (TML) from an undisclosed location.

He admitted that his group had foreign fighters in their ranks.

Most of Somalia ‘s towns are now under Islamist control as analysts describe that it was simple for Islamists to seize towns as they received huge support from the residents.

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