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Historic Catholic-Muslim dialogue gets underway at the Vatican

ICC Note

The interfaith dialogue should tackle the plight of Christians that are living in Muslim dominated countries. Christian minorities who live in Muslim dominated countries are routinely discriminated against.

11/04/2008 Vatican (CNA) – Catholic-Muslim dialogue took a step forward today as representatives from the two different religions met at the Vatican . The two-day meeting will focus on the need for respecting human dignity, religious freedom and the theological aspects of “Love of God and Neighbor.”

The first seminar organized by the Catholic-Muslim Forum was held this morning at the Vatican and the meeting will culminate with a meeting with Pope Benedict on November 6.

According to a press release from the Holy See Press Office, the theme of the Seminar – “Love of God, Love of Neighbor” – will be tackled from two main standpoints: “theological and spiritual fundamentals” and “the dignity of the human person and mutual respect.” The Catholic and Muslim sides will both deliver reports on each of these sub-themes, and their statements will serve as a launching pad for the subsequent debates. Each of the two sides in the meeting will be composed of 29 people, including experts, religious authorities and advisers.

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