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Pastor Kidnapped in Tijuana

By Jackie O’Neal
10/31/08 TIJUANA, MEXICO (ANS) — According to the Baptist Press over a week has elapsed since San Diego pastor, Manuel Jesus Tec was abducted on Oct. 21 in Tijuana, the Mexican border town.

His family still continues not to get word of him. Mickey Noah writing for The Baptist Press went on to say that the kidnappers demanded a $1 million dollar ransom for Tec’s safe return, but two calls earlier this week, revealed the kidnappers lowered the ransom amount to $ 500,00 and subsequently to $ 200,000.

The Baptist Press reported that Pastor Manuel Jesus Tec, 59 was kidnapped after crossing the border from San Diego into Tijuana with his family, wife, Maria and son, Giovanni. The kidnappers stopped the car around 5 a.m. and sequestered Tec, but left his wife and child free and unharmed.

Tijuana continues to have a reputation as a dangerous border town for visitors and residents alike. An axis for drug traffic, rival gang conflicts have been the cause for the deaths of an estimated 2,000 persons last year.

Tijuana estimates show a homicide nearly daily and two abductions a week on average.
Johnny Tec said, “We are totally hopeful and faith-filled. Mom is holding up pretty good. We’ve been holding prayer meetings every night at the house and we give credit to the prayers of so many people out there.”