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Orissa: schools transformed into refugee camps, students risk losing year

ICC Note: Another dimension to the tragedy in Orissa is the fact that students could lose a year of school because their facilities are being used to house refugees.

10/27/08 Bhubaneshwar, India (AsiaNews) – To the drama of the persecuted Christians, the devastated churches, and the burned villages, is added the “preoccupation” of students who risk losing the work of this academic year. In the district of Kandhamal, in the state of Orissa, four months before the exam scheduled for March of 2009, 40 schools are still closed or are being used by refugees and police officers as temporary housing.

“There are around 300 students in our school. It is occupied by CRPF personnel and we have not been holding any classes for the last two months,” says Bhagaban Das, headmaster of the Sarangada High School in Kandhamal.

According to estimates provided by the education office in the area, more than two thousand students risk losing a year’s work because of the interruption of their classes, and there is a clear atmosphere of “resignation” among students and parents who “do not know what to do.” … [Go To Full Story]