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China refutes U.S. remarks on religious beating

ICC Note:

After the US expressed its concern over the harassment of one of China’s pastors and his family, including the recent brutal beating of his son, China has claimed that the accusations are “groundless” and “irresponsible.” The country continues to deny its citizens freedom of religion and claims those it represses are “hiding” behind religion as “an excuse to commit crimes.”


10/25/08 China (ChinaView) On Thursday, State Department spokesman Robert Wood, said the U.S. was gravely concerned after two sons of Chinese Christian pastor, Zhang Mingxuan, were allegedly beaten by public security staff.

On Saturday, Jiang Yu, spokeswoman of the Chinese Foreign Ministry said, “We encourage the U.S. to pay more attention to its own human rights problems, instead of viewing itself as a human rights bodyguard interfering in other country’s internal affairs.”

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