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Religious Cleansing Continues In Orissa
In Boudh District Eight Houses Torched

10/9/08 India (Evangelical Fellowship of India) – The religious cleansing has been meticulously planned and executed for forty seven days now

While Innocent Die, BJP calls for anti-conversion law
Press Trust of India

Oct. 06, 2008, (New Delhi): In the wake of continuing attacks on Christians, the Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) on Monday called for passing of an anti-conversion laws. Senior BJP leader Venkaiah Naidu also demanded a comprehensive debate on the issue. When it was pointed out that seven states, including Orissa, already had an anti-conversion law but this had not prevented communal violence there, Naidu said the reasons were more deep-rooted.

Eight Houses Torched

Oct. 09, 2008, Bhubaneswar, (Orissa): A group of Sangh Parivar hate mongers and killers from Gochhapada area in Kandhamal entered adjoining Kantamal Police Station area of Boudh late on Wednesday night and torched the houses at Lamsaripali village, Deputy Inspector General of Police R P Koche said.

Separate Hindu Families From Christian

Oct. 08, 2008, G UDAYAGIRI/BHUBANESWAR, (Orissa), Anand Soondas, TNN reports: You know you have reached Kandhmal when you see rows of saffron flags fluttering atop houses meant to fulfil one purpose: separate Hindu families from Christian. In G Udayagiri, a region that hides insidious violence in serene beauty, the process of identification, of Hindus and their institutions, and appropriation of Christians and their churches, is almost complete. Houses that don’t have saffron flags are either burnt or damaged.

Kandhmal sees first burial in 45 days

Oct. 08, 2008, BHUBANESWAR/RAIKIA, (Orissa), Anand Soondas, TNN reports: Five men, surrounded by a posse of policemen, quietly went to a charred house in Tikawali, Kandhmal, on Wednesday, and scraped off a few bones lying scattered on the floor since August 24. At 1 pm, they put the remains in a coffin and buried it with a quick prayer session. It was Kandhmal’s first funeral. The rest of the survivors are awaiting administration’s permission to send off their loved ones according to Christian rites.

(A must read for every thinking Indian)

Hapless Christians handy for minority bashing
Author: Dipankar Gupta Published in: “Mail Today” 7th October 2008

When Christians are being killed let us not search for its causes in the rising graph of conversions. Such an exercise is not only fraught with difficulties, but it may also direct our attention to poverty- based explanations.

(Some Excerpts)

Why the Christians? Have we run out of Muslims and Sikhs, that a small and insignificant minority should be slaughtered, pillaged and raped at will by right wing Hindutva forces? This may sound strange, but in a real sense that the saffron mob has in deed – if not in words – run out of options. This is why they have now turned against Christians. They are the last soft target.

The Sikhs set the retaliation game in motion. They hit out, often randomly, at designated targets making it known to Hindu sectarians that taking on a Sikh will not be a picnic any longer. This stopped further attacks against them.

The Muslims picked up this lead and set their own pace by orchestrating the Mumbai blasts of 1993, and several after that in quick succession. So the Muslims can no longer be hunted down either for casual Hindu amusement.

This only leaves the Christians. It must be borne in mind that Hindutva activists are at their predacious best when the kill is easy and their own safety assured in advance. This is why where Christians are in sizable numbers, such as in Nagaland, Kerala or even Goa, Hindutva sectarians dare not touch them. Instead they turn to areas like the Dangs in Gujarat or Kandhamal in Orissa where Christians are scattered and isolated. In these places it is easy to kill without the fear of being killed.

If not the Sikhs and the Muslims, who then? Then the paisa dropped – of course, the Christians!

This is why it is important to distinguish between those who are willing to die for a cause, from those who are only willing to kill for one. Hindu extremist parties and organizations, all the way to the BJP, can encourage, condone and organize mobs to kill for Hindutva, but none of them is willing to die for it. This trait also separates fundamentalist from pure ethnic baiters. A fundamentalist like Khomeini, and even Bhindranwale, would encourage the faithful to go back to the foundational principles of their religion and draw strength from there. Khomeini said that America may be the house of the Shaitan, but Muslims must pay attention first and foremost to the five pillars of Islam.

It should be clear by now that there is no social science behind the killings of Muslims, Sikhs, or Christians. Even so, academics, intellectuals, commentators and secular do-gooders are always searching for social and economic reasons behind these ethnic slaughters. What they do not realize is that the moment one gives into this kind of weak secular urges, Hindutva mobs find easy justification. Muslim terrorism today has nothing to do with Al Qaeda, Taliban, Palestine, or even Iraq. These terrorists are home bred and are direct outcomes of Babri Masjid and Godhra.

So when Christians are being killed let us not search for its causes in the rising graph of conversions. Such an exercise is not only fraught with difficulties, but it may also direct our attention to poverty- based explanations.

Which in turn would be the reason for something else, and the regression exercises could go on. What such analysts should ask is: Why don’t these Hindutva activists go to Nagaland or somewhere else where Christians are in a majority and show us their nationalist daring- do there? Why is it that they are only active where their safety is guaranteed? In places where there is no administrative encouragement, sanction or connivance, Hindutva activists, of whatever description, dare not strike any minority community. This is why such attacks take place largely in BJP run areas like Gujarat, Rajasthan, Karnataka or Orissa.

Wherever Hindutva presence is built into the state administrative system, saffron forces are assured that every ethnic attack will be like a picnic.

Even as L. K. Advani, Rajnath Singh and BJP national leaders assembled on September 14 in Bangalore, 16 churches were attacked in Dakshina Kannada, Chikmaglur and Udupi.

Two followers of Christ Jailed In Premnagar, Sarguja District, Chhattisgarh

Oct. 9, 2008: EFI Correspondent Rev. Akhilesh Edgar reports from Raipur: Ravi Devangan and Muneshwar Ekka were in their beds in the night of Friday the 3rd of October, when Hindu fundamentalists came to their home in 3 jeeps. They banged their doors but when the doors were not opened, they broke open the doors and started beating the duo mercilessly. They then took both the persons along with them, declaring that they are being taken to the police station. But they were actually taken to a secluded place and were beaten till the two became unconscious. On Saturday morning the two of them were taken to the police station.

Police kept both of them in the lock up and refused to write any complaint against the culprits stating that this is the time of election in the state. On Monday the police misguided the local believers that they are not booking either parties and the duo will be set free. But later both the believers were sent to jail. At present the two of them are in Surajpur jail.