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Assyrian Iranian Minister Arrested in Urumieh by security Agents

ICC Note

The authorities in Iran have continued to clamp down on Christians in the country. In the latest in such clamp down, they arrested two Christians. Please pray for the safety of the two Christian brothers and all the Iranian Christians as they go through difficult time.

10/01/2008 Iran (FCNN) – Security agents, upon entering the home of an Assyrian Iranian Evangelical church minister and searching his home, arrested and took him away.

According to Farsi Christian New Network, 4 agents of the Ministry of Information, on Monday, September 22, 2008, at 10:30 a.m., without any court orders, entered the home of Shroder Yadergar, a minister of the Assyrian Evangelical Church of Urumieh.

The family, naturally worried and anxious for their loved one, were finally, and after 4 days, contacted by the agents of the Ministry of Information and notified that brother Shroder was held at the central detention center of the Ministry of Information in Urumieh. Finally, the day after this notification, brother Yadegar was allowed to contact his family by phone very briefly and was instructed to speak in Farsi. He only said a one sentence greeting, “Hello, I am Shroder and I am doing well!”

After more than 6 days, there is no news of this brother’s condition in the detention center and permission to allow his wife and 6 years old daughter to visit him as not yet been granted.

It must be mentioned that 2 days after the arrest of brother Yadegar, another Christian brother by the name of Sobhan was also arrested in Urumieh and as of yet there is no news of his whereabouts and condition.

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