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Indonesia Megachurch Opens to 4,000 Attendees

ICC Note:

In response to years of Indonesia’s smaller churches being raided and burned, an Indonesia megachurch opened this weekend to 4,000 attendees. Indonesia represents the nation with the highest overall percentage and number of Muslims in the world, and Christians make up only about 10% of the population.


9/22/08 Indonesia (ChurchSolutions) In the nation with the highest percentage (85) and the highest overall number (207 million) of Muslims in the world, a Christian megachurch opened Sunday in Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital. A three-hour worship filled the city with Christian hymns and Bible verses, sung and spoken mostly in the native Bahasa with a little Mandarin Chinese mixed in.

Though Christians are a minority in Indonesia, Tong said the first objective of the church is to display that Christians do have representation – and that the government of Indonesia is OK with that.

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