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Convert to Hinduism or die: say fundamentalists

9/11/08 India (Evangelical Fellowship of India) – Forced Conversion drive in Orissa is in full swing amidst threats from VHP, RSS and Bajrang Dal activists to the Christian community. Christians hiding in the jungles have no choice as they receive instructions from the informers belonging to militant outfits to either convert to Hinduism or stay in the jungles.

Rev. Ashis Parida reporting from Orissa confirmed the incidents of forced conversion from different parts of the State. 30 Christian families from Damba Village, 10 families from Patapanga Village and 20 families from Tatamaha village in Phulbani have been forced to convert to Hinduism. “You can stay in village only if you practice Hinduism, live as Hindu or face death” are the threatening words echoed to the Christians.

Mr. Nagarjuna Pradhan, an MLA from Patapanga, married to a Christian wife is also not spared. His wife has been forced to convert to Hinduism. One pastor’s family from Damba village is now forced in worshipping Hindu gods.

Dejected and anguished villagers, who followed Christianity from generations, are forced to decorate their homes with idols of Hindu gods and goddesses even as they reconstruct their mud houses and thatched roofs.

EFI requests prayers for these poorest of the poor Orissa Christians who are now the target of forceful conversion and continuous threats.