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Vietnam Bishops extend solidarity to faithful of Thai Ha

ICC Note:

Thousands of Catholics gathered this week to extend their support to the parish who’ve been involved in protests and prayer vigils calling for return of church land. The media has largely criminalized and defamed the church.


9/6/08 Vietnam (AsiaNews) Two bishops and thousands of Catholics yesterday went to extend their solidarity to the faithful of the parish of Thai Ha, participating in processions and prayer vigils to call for justice regarding the land belonging to the church. At the same time, 82 priests of the capital have written to the government appealing “not to criminalize such a dispute of a civil nature”, in which the parish is pitted against the Chien Thang Sewing Company.


“In these days”, he said, “media coverage has bewildered and confused Catholics and non-Catholics. There have been so many news reports defaming the reputation and dignity of Catholics. Let us pray so that everybody knows how to respect the truth and defend justice”.

The priests then say that the government “must not broadcast news that is one-way, distortional, defaming, insulting to the priests, brothers and parishioners, immediately investigate and prosecute those individuals and organizations who have savagely assaulted the parishioners while they were praying peacefully, and not terrorize or apply discriminating or prejudicial treatment to Catholic students and public servants”.

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