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Vietnamese Catholics Write to Bush complaining about the Repression they are Experiencing

ICC Note:

President Bush and the prime ministers of Great Britain and Austrailia recently received a letter from the Catholics of Hanoi, Vietnam. The letter detailed their government’s repression of human rights and religious freedom in hopes of shedding light on their worsening situation.


9/2/08 Vietnam (AsiaNews) Hanoi Catholics have written to the President of the United States Bush and the prime ministers of the Great Britain and Australia to complain about their government’s repression, hopeful that their letter might show to the world that the latter is not yet respecting human rights and religious freedom of Catholics.

In recent days Communist authorities in Hanoi have launched a harsh repression campaign against lay Catholics who meet at the parish level to pray.

“It is worrying when the police comes to your home with a paper order when you lead a prayer group,” a young man told AsiaNews. “As a student at a state university I refrain from criticising the government or its policies. But I saw in Catholic media that the police have used violence, beaten up lay people with electric truncheons. I cannot image why four agents took a woman to their headquarters just because she and her group prayed to Our Lady in their parish everyday.”

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