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Solidarity of Indian Hindus and Muslims with Christians in Orissa

ICC Note: It is about time for the rest of the Hindu world to condemn their co-religionists rampaging against Christians in Orissa.

8/29/08 New Delhi (AsiaNews) – Marked by the massacres and violence in recent days that have rocked Orissa, the Christian community – still the target of the fundamentalists – is receiving solidarity from Muslims in the country and some of the Hindu world, who “disassociate themselves” from the attacks and “strongly condemn” the pogrom against the Christians.

“We condemn in no uncertain terms”, affirms Srinivas Rao, principal of the Siddharta School in the district of Bargarh, “this violence against the Christian community. These extremists are doing grave harm wrong to our Christian brothers and sisters”. Rao was one of the first to denounce the massacres and forcefully reject the logic of “violence”. “I have Christian friends in Orissa”, Srinivas Rao tells AsiaNews, “and never the issue of religion comes up, we are friends, that’s it, the Christians are normal ordinary people. All human beings have a right to their own religion and beliefs”, without restrictions or limitations… [Go To Full Story]

(Nirmala Carvalho contributed to this report)