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Nigerian state bans co-ed schools

ICC Note

When Northern States of Nigeria introduced Sharia law, they argued that Christians shouldn’t worry about it because the law only regulates the life of Muslims. But one of those States recently decided to ban co-education. This is going to affect both Christians and Muslims. So, where is the promise that Sharia law is not going to affect Christians?

08/28/2008 Nigeria (BBC News)- Bauchi State in northern Nigeria has banned co-education at all junior and senior schools.

The BBC’s Shehu Saulewa in Bauchi, which is governed by Sharia law, says most state schools are mixed.

Religious leaders within the state’s minority Christian population are opposed to the ban, our reporter says.

They argue that schools are not the only places where girls and boys socialise.

Several of Nigeria ‘s Muslim majority northern states introduced Sharia law starting in 2000, despite opposition from Christians, sparking clashes and riots between rival groups.

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