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Muslim and Christian scholars sign accord to respect faith

ICC Note

The interfaith dialogue between Muslims and Christians is a commendable act. Muslims in countries such as Yemen should take practical step by releasing the Christians that they imprisoned. Up to nine Christians are currently held in Yemen for choosing to follow Christ.

By: Mohammed al-Qiri

08/23/2008 Yemen ( Muslim and Christian scholars signed on an agreement to respect each other’s religions and other religions as well as to respect religious symbols and founders of religions, said the Yemeni religious scholar Ali Zain al-Aabideen al-Jifri.

In his lecture to the youth participating in the forum of dialogue among cultures and civilizations held in Yemen al-Jifri said that according to this accord around 94 percent of the Protestants and Anglicans have committed to not defame the Prophet Mohammed peace beupon him.

Al-Jifri said that the Muslim clerics directed a message to the Christian leaders saying that they form together the majority of the earth population asserting that if they don’t peacefully co- exist there would be no world peace.

There was a response from 300 referential Protestants and Anglicans, who form the largest protestant community in the world. They published an essay in New York Times accepting the Muslims’ initiative and apologize for the wars and the present so called war on terror.

He said that investigations disclosed that those who were caught in Tarim explosions intended to blow up Dar al-Mustafa for Islamic studies in addition to other facilities.

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