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Jail Time Strengthens Missionaries’ Faith

ICC Note: Many times, persecution strengthens an individual’s faith in God. This story shares each of the four missionaries’ experiences in their own words.

8/15/08 Karnataka, India (Gospel for Asia) – “I never thought I would ever have to go to the police station. But on account of the Lord’s ministry, I went to the police station for the first time,” said Raj Lohra, one of the Gospel for Asia missionaries who was held for nine days in a Karnataka, India, jail.

The missionaries, who were harassed and beaten before being arrested during a prayer meeting July 31, were released on August 8. Initial reports from Karnataka indicated that one missionary and three Bible college students were arrested. As the story developed, it was determined that a fourth student, Balaji Jenic, was also arrested and detained with his associates.

Since their release, the missionary and the four students received medical treatment and later told their stories to our field correspondent.

The horrors of prison are very real in India—no cots on which to sleep, inadequate and vile-tasting food and lack of medical care. But each of the men testified that in their time of distress, they turned to the Lord for comfort and strength. In their testimonies, each man tells how God encouraged him to remain strong and continue answering their call to take Jesus to the lost, even while they were in jail. Here are their stories, in their own words…. [Go To Full Story]