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Al Qaeda calls for jihad in Mauritania after coup

ICC Note

Al Qaeda is calling for the establishment of Islamic State in the North African country of Mauritania . In Islamic State, Islamic law is the law of the land. Christians and other minorities are forced to change to Islam or pay protection tax for living in the country.

08/12/2008 Mauritania (Reuters)-Al Qaeda’s North Africa wing has called for a holy war in Mauritania to establish Islamic rule after a military junta toppled the country’s elected president.

“Raise the banner of jihad and let us bleed and have our limbs severed until we bring back a caliphate styled along the lines of The Prophet’s way,” the leader of the al Qaeda Organization in the Islamic Maghreb, Abu Mus’ab Abd el-Wadoud, said in a statement posted on the Internet on Tuesday.

Abd el-Wadoud said the soldiers who toppled President Sidi Mohamed Ould Cheikh Abdallahi in the northwest African state last week were probably acting upon a green light from “infidel states; America, France and Israel”.

He urged supporters: “Wake up and prepare for the war; the cross is marching towards you.”

Militants killed four French tourists and several government soldiers in attacks in Mauritania last December, forcing the cancellation of the annual trans-Saharan Dakar rally.

An al Qaeda attack on the Israeli embassy in February highlighted Mauritania ‘s status as one of the few Arab countries with diplomatic ties to the Jewish state.

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