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Members of House Church Arrested in Iran

ICC Note

Iranian authorities arrested Christians who were worshiping in an underground church in the city of Isfahan , Iran . Children, women and the elderly were among the imprisoned.

07/27/2008 Iran (FCNN)According to ( reports, on 26 July 2008 a group of secret police affiliated to the Iranian secret agency assaulted a Christian house- church in the “Malek Shahr” Isfahan , and arrested Christian believers who were singing and praying together.

The house church was led by a Christian believers named Mr. (A) and Ms (R) in the “Malek Shahr Isfahan”, it was reported that during the baptizing of new believers and praying for a few sick people, the secret police assaulted to the house causing a mayhem and arrested 6 women 8 men and 2 children and transferred them to an unknown location.

There were two senior citizens over 60 years old among them who were hosting the ceremony. The secret police didn’t pay attention to the age of this couples and beat them horribly which threatened their life and they were transferred to the Sharieti Hospital of Isfahan, according to the latest news they are in the ICU. The parents of the 2 children pleaded with the secret police not to take into custody the two little children but there was no mercy from them.

According to the “FCNN” reporter from Isfahan, the secret police were so angry when they found Mr. A the holder and hostess of this ceremony was a pilgrim of Mecca and was named hajji .And also he was front warrior during Iran – Iraq war, which it was unbelievable he has converted to Christianity and hosting Christian followers in the house -church.

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