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Christian Iranian couple tortured and sexually assaulted

ICC Note

“Now, ask your Jesus to come and save you! or return back to Islam otherwise it will become even worse than this”.

07/23/2008 Iran (FCNN)-An Christian Iranian couple who, because of their families’ pressures and persecution, had been living in hiding in a remote part of Turkey were located and attacked at their own home by local undercover security officers and were assaulted physically and sexually. This happened while the wife of this young couple was newly pregnant with their first child!

The Beginning

This young sister (name withheld) who is an Iranian and was active in witnessing to the Turkish and Iranian communities of Istanbul, after meeting her husband (nicknamed K.O), who himself was from a wealthy, well known, and yet very religious family in Istanbul, lead him to Christ in a secret way.

The religious family of K.O. who could not imagine that their son would marry a Christian girl from the very beginning of their marriage began opposing their new together. They were terrified that their son may have become a Christian due to the influence of his wife. Thus they began to monitor the young couple and their social contacts and movements to the point that they would prevent certain people, out of the fear of being Christians, to visit them.

The Crisis

The Incident

FCNN reports that a few days after this decision to move away from Istanbul , on July 10th, 2008, at 11 pm the door of their house was knocked, but since they were not expecting anyone at such time of the night, they did not open the door. 10 minutes later, and suddenly, 4 undercover security men kick the door of the house open and began beating the young couple and K.O’s wife was sexually assaulted and raped. The terrified couple began to call for help, but after a few minutes when they realized who these men were, they remained quiet and endured the humiliating episode.

K.O. kneeled in front of these men and begged them not to touch or hurt his wife. He was willing to anything to protect his wife especially that she was one month pregnant with their first child. One of the security men who was beating them mercilessly screamed, “Now, ask your Jesus to come and save you! or return back to Islam otherwise it will become even worse than this”. Then they shaved their heads and left them alone.

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