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55th Anniversary of Korean War Truce Inspires Fasting, Prayer

ICC Note:

Christians around the world prayed and fasted on Sunday for North Korea. The date marked the 55th anniversary of the Korean War armistice and the creation of the Demilitarized Zone. Today, an hundreds of thousands of North Koreans, including women and children, are held in concentration camps and many Christians are tortured and imprisoned for their faith.


7/27/08 North Korea (ChristianPost) People around the world participated in the global day of fasting and prayer for North Korea on Sunday, marking the 55th anniversary of the Korean War armistice and the creation of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) – the most heavily armed border in the world.

Participants of the event had been encouraged to pray for the estimated 200,000 to 1 million North Korean prisoners, including women and children, to be set free from concentration camps. They were also asked to pray for Christians locked up and tortured because of their faith.

While democratic South Korea has a thriving economy and is a respected member of the international community, North Korea is governed by a totalitarian regime and seen as a threat to the global community with its nuclear weapons.

Furthermore, millions in North Korea face starvation, countless children are orphaned or live in dangerous circumstances, and hundreds of thousands of North Korean refugees have fled into China.

There are also around 200,000 Christians believed to be currently in prison labor camps because of their faith.

Organizers of the day of global prayer and fasting for North Korea have requested believers to pray for the Word of God to be re-introduced into the land and for the safety of Christian workers in the country, where it is illegal to be a follower of Jesus Christ or a believer of any other faith besides the state religion – a semi-personality cult that worships current dictator Kim Jong-il and his deceased father Kim Il-sung.

Another prayer topic is the restoration of human rights to all North Koreans, especially handicapped persons, children, women, the elderly, and the estimated 40 percent of the population that are considered part of the “hostile class” – individuals or relatives of those believed to be critical of the North Korean regime.

All Christian families are classified as hostile.

“The Worldwide Day of Fasting and Prayer for North Korea is a call to Christians worldwide to repentance and intercession for the nation of North Korea,” reminded the GJPN.

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