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Islamic Extremists Kill Somali Christian

Fifth Christian Martyred in Somalia in the Last Nine Months

07/28/2008 Somalia (International Christian Concern)-
Islamic extremists shot and killed a Muslim convert to Christianity on July 10, 2008 in Afgyoye, a town 18 miles away from Mogadishu , Somalia ’s capital. The victim’s name was Sayid Ali Sheik Luqman Hussein, and he was 28 years old.

On Tuesday, July 8, two Muslim men approached Mr. Hussein and asked him if he faces Mecca when he prays (Mohammed instructed his followers to face the city of Mecca when they pray). Hussein told them that as a Christian, he does not have to face a specific direction to pray because God is omnipresent.

The two Muslim men returned on July 10th armed with an AK-47 assault rifle and a semi-automatic handgun and shot Hussein to death.

Hussein’s wife went into premature labor and delivered a stillborn baby upon hearing of her husband’s murder.

Hussein came to Christ from Islam in 2004. He grew in his faith and started to evangelize in the community in which he was working as a teacher. Hussein’s pastor described him as the most effective evangelist in his area. One of Hussein’s students described him as the godliest man he has ever met.

Recently, Islamic extremists have intensified their attacks against Christians in Somalia . In the past nine months alone, five Christians, including Hussein, have been martyred for their faith. The other four martyrs are: David Abdulwahab Mohamed Ali, Da’ud Ali, Mohamed Yusuf and Hassan Mo’alim.

ICC’s regional manger for Africa , Jonathan Racho, stated, “Somali Christians are paying the ultimate price for their faith in Jesus Christ. Despite the spike in persecution they face, they have chosen to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ to the point of death. Christians should continue to pray and support their brothers and sisters in Somalia.”

To learn more about the needs of Somali Christians and how you can help them, please contact ICC.