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Christians Imprisoned in India for Giving Gospel Tracts

By James Varghese
7/15/08 KARNATAKA, INDIA (ANS) — Two female Christians were recently arrested by the Karnataka Police and charged with forced conversion.

The arrests were made as a result of allegations made by Hindu radicals in Bangalore, Karnataka on July 12.

According to story on, the two women arrested were called Prabavati (27), and Martha (23).

According to the web site, about 25 Hindu radicals led by a man called Mr. Nagesh came to a church called Mispa House of Worship. That fellowship is attended by Prabavati and Martha.

The story reported that three of the Hindu radicals from the group, along with their leader Nagesh, entered the church and asked for Christian gospel tracts. They were given the material by Prabavati and Martha. According to the story, as soon as the Hindu radicals received the tracts they had requested, they began abusing Prabavati and Martha.

The story reported that the radicals then went to the nearest police station, and complained that the Christians in the church were forcefully converting Hindus to Christianity. Mispa House of Worship Pastor Pastor Satyaraju was not there at the time this incident occurred.

According to the website, Police Inspector Puneethkumar believed the Hindu radicals and went to the church where he took Christians into police custody. The police reportedly detained the Christians until the evening, saying they were investigating the situation. Some time later the detainees were taken to a magistrate.

The website said the magistrate ordered that Prabavati and Martha be kept in Bangalore Central Jail for the next 13 days. They have been charged under Section 153 of the Indian Penal Code.

The Global Council of Indian Christians is asking that believers worldwide pray for the early release of these women.