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Christian Man Brutally Killed by Family of Muslim Girlfriend

7/14/08 Pakistan (CLAAS) – Adeel Masih (Late) s/o Shabaz Masih was a young boy who was aged about 19 years. He belonged to a Christian family. He lived along with his parents at Lane Ch. Shareef Wakeel walli Mohalla Purani Abadi Dhallay, Gujranawala. His father worked in a factory while his mother was a staff helper in a private hospital Gujranwala.

He was the student of 10th Grade but because of his family problems he quit his education and started a private job to support his family. Among their neighbors there lived the Muslim family of Muhammad Irfan. Kiran was the eldest daughter of Muhammad Irfan, and she was 19 years old. She was a school student and met Adeel on her way to school.

They started to make contact through phone calls. One day Adeel left his cell phone home and his mother, Parveen Bibi, picked up the phone and received a call from Kiran. In this way she came to know about their relationship. Parveen Bibi became worried about their relationship because she knew the severity and dangers awaiting her son due to the bitter difference between religions.

To try to protect her son, Parveen Bibi also went to Kiran’s home and told her mother about the relationship between her son and their daughter. Kiran’s mother scolded her and confined her in a room so that she could not see or talk to Adeel. Moreover they also threatened Adeel’s parents that they would kill Adeel if they ever heard about his relationship with their daughter again. They also said that they would not allow a Christian man to disgrace Islam this way.

Adeel’s parents counseled him and made him realize the consequences. Adeel promised his mother and family that he would not continue the relationship. But Kiran did not want to stop seeing him. She kept on calling Adeel on his phone anyway, knowing that she was risking his life, and this way their relationship continued.

On May 1, 2008 Kiran made a phone call and asked Adeel to see him alone. Adeel rented a motor bike and went to see Kiran without telling anything to his family. Kiran called him outside the locality so that no body could see them, but she was not alone. With her were her Aunt, a cousin, her father and two of her uncles. They took Adeel forcefully with them. They held him and tortured him for almost two days. Adeel could not bear the severity of their torture and died.

Kiran’s father had already called Adeel’s family two hours after his departure from home and told them that Adeel had committed suicide in the Alipur Chattaha Canal and that his bike was under police custody.

Alipur Chattah is about 40 kilometers away from Gujranwala city and it takes almost one hour to reach there. Adeel’s family reached the spot as quickly as they could and started searching for him in the canal with the help of divers, but failed to find anything. The reason they could not find him was because Adeel was still in the confinement of Kiran’s family for two days. After Adeel died, Kiran’s family deposited his body in the canal in Sagar City, Hafizabad.

On May 4, police found the dead body at Canal Head Sagarand, Hafizabad and called Adeel’s family to come for identification. They identified the corpse and then the corpse was taken to the hospital for a post-mortem exam. The medical report showed evidence of torture and Adeel’s family filed a lawsuit against Kiran’s family. It was revealed later that her uncles were also involved in his murder.

They got an FIR registered via no. 171/08 offence under section 201, 34, 302, 364 PPC in the Police Station against Mohammad Irfan s/o Gulam Nabi, Mohammad Akhtar, Mohammad Riasat and one unknown person in the murder case of Adeel. But the Police as usual were biased because it was a matter of religion and reported this murder case as the case of a suicide.

CLAAS has taken up this case.