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Christian Gospel Worker arrested under Madhya Pradesh state’s anti-conversion law

By James Varghese

6/4/08 Madhya Pradesh , India (ANS) — A Christian gospel worker named Mr. Vinayagam David was arrested on July 3 in the Shyamgarh area of Madhya Pradesh state in India under the state’s anti-conversion law.

According to news issued by, David, who works with an organization called Blessing Youth Mission and runs a small children’s home, was arrested by the police under Sections 3 and 4 of the Madhya Pradesh Freedom of Religion Act, also known as anti-conversion law.

The arrest was in response to a seemingly frivolous complaint alleging the children were being forcibly converted and kept without proper documentation.

However the news source said that David denies the charges saying he has valid documents from children’s parents stating they have willingly left their children at the home to ensure their proper education.

The site also reported that, after the arrest, the children have been transferred to a government-run children’s home instead of being sent back to their parents.

According to the website, the police reportedly searched the house and arrested David, who has been managing the children’s home since 2006, late in the night without a search warrant.

The website said David was granted bail on July 4. News source says the local people are happy with Mr. David’s service.