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Risking His Life Going to Church

Gospel for Asia
7/2/08 CHHATTISGARH, INDIA (ANS) — Gospel for Asia missionary Layak Kamol risks his life every time he walks to church and back. Anti-Christian fanatics have threatened him numerous times that they will kill him because he continues to share Christ. On June 29, they did more than threaten.

Layak was walking home from a nearby village where he had just led a church service. He was walking along a stretch of road where many incidents of threats and intimidation had occurred before. Suddenly he saw a group of the extremists jumping out of a big drainage pipe where they had been hiding-and waiting for him.
The extremists grabbed the pastor and started beating him badly. They also stole his money and cell phone and destroyed his bag and books.

When the fanatics left Layak, he was battered and bruised. He managed to get home, where GFA leaders visited him to comfort and encourage him.

Layak asks for prayer that the members of his church will not be discouraged. His church has grown from 25 to 40 believers just in the last seven months. Pray that those new in their faith will hold strongly to it.

Pray also for Layak’s healing, and that those who beat him will learn of Christ.