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Pastor attacked and church burned

6/25/08 India (International Christian Concern) – Pastor Nedi Raj has been the victim of numerous attacks by a local Hindu religious group. On May 23, 2008, Pastor Raj was assaulted, leaving him with a broken leg. He spent two weeks in the hospital receiving treatment for his wounds, but is now currently at home slowly recovering from his attack.

Two weeks later, on June 8, 2008, the same Hindu religious group attacked Pastor Raj’s church and set it on fire. Due to the political power the religious group possesses, the police are unable to take action and bring justice to the victims of these attacks.

Most recently, on June 23, 2008, a group of 75 district pastors rallied against the police and local political party outside of the District Magistrate’s office in Coimbatore. The pastors submitted a petition to the Magistrate, and he promised to take action against the Hindu religious group.

Please pray that the Magistrate will remain true to his word and justice will be done for the Christians who are suffering from this persecution. Pray also for the quick recovery of Pastor Nedi Raj and safety for him and his family.