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Uzbek Government Prevents Import of Illegal Biblical Books

ICC Note

Uzbekistan laws are highly outlaws missionary activities and evangelizing to convert citizens to Christianity. Uzbek officials recently prevented Christians from bringing bibles into the country.

06/19/2008 Uzbekistan (Trend News) – The customs and justice bodies prevented the import of big batch of illegal religious literature to Uzbekistan . The Uzbekistan Biblical Society (UBS) tried to import biblical literature without official agreement and permission, the Religious Committee of the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan said.

The religious books (about 7,000 copies) were disguised as Russian-speaking literature. The inspection revealed that these are 3,495 copies in the Uzbek language in Cyrillic alphabet, 1,495 copies in the Uzbek language in Roman alphabet and 1,995 copies the Kara-kalpak language. These books were designed and ordered by the UBS. All publications have the logo of ‘Uzbekistan Bibliya Zhamiyati’ (Uzbekistan Biblical Society). The Justice bodies sent an official warning to the UBS on ban of its illegal activities, which did not correspond to the national legislation on freedom of conscience and religion, and regulations of the UBS.

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