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Protests Block Church , Bible College Construction

6/18/08 Orissa and Maharashtra , India (ANS) – Anti-Christian extremists are routinely attacking church and ministry-related building projects throughout India . Two of these recent attacks involved a Gospel for Asia Bible college and a local church.

In Maharashtra , Victor’s growing congregation of 25 needed a permanent place to worship. They were excited when they purchased land and took the first steps in building their new church.

When the building started going up, problems erupted. Local anti-Christian extremists threatened Victor, a GFA missionary, sternly warning him against continuing church construction. Unfortunately, the extremists had the support of the village chief. The congregation has had to postpone construction and continues meeting in its rented quarters.

Despite the recent opposition, Victor and others serving with GFA remain committed to reaching more in this village with the life-giving hope of Jesus. They are also praying for permission to show a film on the life of Jesus. Even though their first request was denied, they are hopeful that God will open doors.

Two states away, in Orissa, field leaders eagerly anticipated the construction of a new GFA Bible college.

The college would be a welcome addition to the dozens of GFA Bible colleges in South Asia [link to] where students are already engaged in intensive training for ministry to the unreached.

As the foundation work started on June 10, a crowd of villagers came to the construction site to try to stop the workers. The villagers had fallen prey to rumors circulated by a small group of people that the Christians would drive them out from the village.

Due to tension in the village, construction has been halted for the time being.

GFA leaders request prayer for wisdom for all involved, and that the Lord will work out the situation and change hearts so construction can continue. And in Maharashtra , field leaders request prayer for God’s protection on Victor and his family as they faithfully reach out with His hope. They also request prayer that construction for their church building can continue unhindered and the Gospel will be able to go forth freely in all of the village.