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Amnesty Pressures Germany to Open its Doors to Iraqi Refugees

ICC Note

Christians are one of the most vulnerable groups in Iraqi. Following the invasion of the country in 2003, thousands of Christians were forced to flee the country due to attacks by Islamic radicals. Germany and other Western countries should resettle these refugees in their countries.

06/17/2008 Iraq (ankawa)-Amnesty International has called on Germany to take in more Iraqi refugees, regardless of any EU-level decisions on the issue.

On Sunday, the human rights organization accused the world’s richest nations of shirking their responsibility towards refugees from war-torn Iraq . In a report entitled “Rhetoric and reality: the Iraqi refugee crisis,” Amnesty said that governments “have done little or nothing to help Iraqi refugees, failing in their moral, political and legal duty to share responsibility for them.”

Germany ’s response to the Iraqi refugee crisis took on controversial overtones when Schaeuble launched an appeal for the states to give preference to Iraqi Christians. Opposition politicians warned against preferential asylum status for Christians and stressed that asylum should be offered to Iraq ’s most vulnerable refugees.

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