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“Jesus Help Me, Jesus Save Me!”

By Ashley Sinclair

6/18/08 India (International Christian Concern) – A pastor was attacked on May 23, 2008, by the BJP Hindu political party in the tribal village of Maill Bavi , 50 miles from Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu, India .

On Friday, May 23, Pastor Nedi Raj was having a time of fasting and prayer at his church in Maill Bavi. At approximately 10:30am BJP members entered the church and assaulted the pastor. The Hindu group claimed they were attacking him in response to the Vacation Bible School he held during the week of May 19, on the charges that he was attempting to convert Hindu children to Christianity.

As the Hindu group advanced towards Pastor Nedi Raj, he shouted, “Jesus help me; Jesus save me!” When the people in the village heard the pastor’s shouts they ran to the church to see what the commotion was about. Upon seeing the crowd that had gathered, the Hindu group ran away.

The pastor filed a police report about the assault, but police have not taken action because of the BJP’s political clout.

Similar incidents are occurring all over India and no action is being taken against these Hindu groups because they have the support of the police and the local government. Christians are the minority in India and have no one to speak on their behalf before the government and the courts. Please pray for Pastor Nedi Raj and the persecuted Christians in India that they may continue to carry out God’s ministry.